Inmold 4.0 – The essence of successful development

Directing the forces of its employees, and the family, toward creating a stable and promising business system, Inmold company realized its vision on five locations in Serbia and Austria. Our business community now numbers more than 350 employees, and the highly-competent staff, which includes 65 engineers, is one of the factors that guarantees reliability in the sphere of fast-paced technological advancement on the market. Considering that the company’s business activities are development and production of technologically most demanding molds for producing plastic and metal parts, development and production of industrial robots and automatized systems for packaging industry, the managament’s focus on professional cadre is one of the strategic decisions which is a crucial part of our business development policy.

The essence of successful development: planned investment

The average age of employees which is 31, as well as the tradition of schooling new cadre through the dual education system speaks for the company’s intention to invest in the development of our society’s human resources. Inmold was one of the initiators of the dual education system in Serbia, and as a result, since 2011 more than 150 students went through the process of schooling in our company.

In theoretical and practical economics, investing is viewed as basis of successful business development, and successful investing, in Inmold’s understanding, is done through thorough development and continual implementation of five-year plans. An investment cycle based on a five-year plan which is now in progress was started in 2019, and it includes detailed development of an investment in new capacities totalling 7,5 million euros.  

Proof that the plan is being implemented in accordance with the development strategy comes from the fact that the beginning of its realization was marked by starting a new production plant in Priboj, Serbia, full adaptation of which was funded with more than half a million euro. After less than a year since the commencement of its development, this plant with 30 new employees has become a member of our business community.

Efficiency of practical realization of the investment plan is reflected in the dynamics of implementing its segments, so the beginning of 2020 was marked by the company’s expansion to two new locations. Opting for purchase of two legal entities after their respective bankruptcy proceedings: Budimka’s plant in Zdravčići and former wood processing complex Napredak, Inmold’s space capacity was increased by 4,55h, and 5,5h respectively, an investment which cost 900 000 € of the total sum. This figure is not final, since these locations await further investing in adaptation of the existing and building of new plants, an investment which is projected to cost around 3 million eur in total.

Speaking of new plants, Inmold takes pride in building and equpping a new toolshop, one of the largest and most modern in the Balkans, occupying 5.000 square meters. Continual phasic investment in this project includes completion of the toolshop, the first part of which is already equpped and occupied, on 2.000 square meters, as well as modern development center with four state-of-the-art construction bureaus occupying 1.200 square meters in total. The total sum Invested in this complex was over a million euros.

One of the focal points of this investment cycle are investments in our robotics and automatization center, with the goal of forming a fully-equipped Research and Development unit which, along with development of existing robot production, will work in the field of production process automatization. Inmold’s strategy for world market presence, in this technologically highly-demanding branch of industry, opens the possibility to provide more complex services, which can only mean a new incentive for further development of production and product placement in the widest sense of the word.  

Realizing the investment segment concerning our production capacities will require 2,5 million euros’ investment which, during this year, will be directed towards purchasing 10 new machines. In accordance with the tradition of Inmold’s development so far, a dominant factor in deciding to purchase these machines were their technological solutions which suit the high-quality products in accordance with the standards of the most demanding customers.