Our services are based on the same principles as mould manufacturing: quality, reliability and efficiency. During injection and machine processing services, we make no difference if there is a single of thousand parts. Our company was established to be efficient and deliver to the client the necessary components in the required quality and agreed time.
Inmold Plast has a formed service team available 24/7 and we guarantee it will perform the job quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner regardless of whether the service is provided at our company or the client’s premises.
Plastic injection


Our team has extensive experience in the plastic injection technology which currently presents a very important segment of our business. We are equipped with over 40 plastic injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging from 40 to 1000 tons.

We also have a formed team of technicians and controllers who monitor every aspect of the production process.

In cases where we manufacture moulds which remain at our company, we offer a lifetime warranty. This demonstrates we are sure about the mould quality and injection process performed at our company.

Machine processing


Regardless of whether it is one or a thousand parts, our tool shop is conceived to be as efficient as possible. We have new machine centers, CNC machines with 3,4 and 5 axes and EDM-s which enable us to provide the desired components in a short period of time regardless of whether they are simple or complicated parts or complex to machine. We work according to received plans but our constructors can develop projects. We are currently able to process individual parts up to 3000×1000 mm in size and 4t in weight.

Mould repair and servicing


Tools are the core of each production process. In order for tools to be functional, precise and to extend their life to the maximum, they must be regularly maintained and serviced.

Inmold Plast offers mould repairs, regular mould servicing, improvements and repairs of any mould part if there are any flaws during the manufacturing process. We have all the necessary machines and resources for handling moulds up to 40t.

Repairs may be done at our company or at the client’s premises.

TKC / laser welding


It is our advantage when it comes to mould repairs because we can perform all the necessary processes within our company. One of those processes is weld surfacing.

The advantages of laser surfacing are:

  • High quality of the welded seam
  • Quick and precise repair
  • Fewer interventions after the repair
  • Low price