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Your application should express everything relevant about you!

Have you found any of our interesting job openings or would you like to apply for another position. We are delighted you wish to become part of our team! The following advice will help you with your job application.

  • Carefully read the opening and get informed about the position you are interested in

    • Are you attracted to this work position?

    • Do you possess the skills and qualifications for this work position?

  • Gather all the necessary documents:

  • When submitting the application on-line, all documents must in PDF (.pdf) or Word (.docx) format. Other formats shall not be taken into consideration!

  • Motivation letter-try to convince us you are actually the right person for the job!

    • Why are you interested in working at Inmold Plast?

    • Which position are you applying for and why?

    • Your work experience and impressions from previous work places

    • What is motivating you to work with us?

  • CV – Curriculum Vitae

    • Compose a modern, concise and relevant CV

    • Adapt it to the ad requirements

    • Less is more-concentrate on the relevant information

    • Photograph

  • Certificates, diplomas, letters of reference and recommendations

  • If the job opening directs you to submit the application to a specific person, please do so!

  • Submit the application within the designated period!