New location – Napredak

Following its vision since foundation up until today, our company has been working devotedly on strategic development, which has caused a continual increase of our existing capacities. Following the increase in production volume and widening of product range as an answer to market demands, Inmold strengthened its potential in the broadest sense of the word, which made the increase in production space an imperative.

Production units in the existing plant were not able to meet the expectations set by the company’s growth strategy, and the possibility to overcome this bottleneck was created by purchasing a former furniture factory „Napredak“. In addition to the need for expansion, the decision to buy the former wood processing plant was backed by the fact that our existing plant is located only half a kilometer away, and one part of this space can be incorporated in our growth plan relatively quickly. This implies a gradual, phasic investment policy regarding reconstruction and adaptation of the existing buildings on the new location, in order to realize the final goal – relocation of the existing production capacities.

Our company’s growth plan, which is modified with this expansion, is to turn the entire area of 55 000 m2, 18 000 m2 of which is the existing ruinous plant, into a modern plant in which Inmold will contuinue achieving its business objectives.

In addition to solving the need for new space, Inmold management took this investment as a big challenge which makes new business opportunities possible. Activities of relocating the existing capacities are well in progress, and the next five years are set as the period inside of which the place from where premium furniture was exported will be developed into a new industrial unit with the quality recognizeable in the modern times.

We have learned from our industry’s history that quality knows no limits, and together with the support we have from our customers, we are positive that our company will continue its business tradition at the new location in the best possible way, in accordance with new times and modern way of doing business.