Regardless of whether plastic or metal injection or blow moulding is concerned, the core of each one of these processes is the mould. Beside the proper design and mould manufacturing, our extensive experience is of crucial importance. This is why we make no compromise when the quality of our moulds is concerned so we can be capable of delivering very precise, long-lasting, super fast and custom made moulds.


What makes our injection moulds for thin-wall packaging exceptional is the extensive experience of our founder and technical team have primarily in the packaging production and later during the injection mould manufacturing. Consequently, we are capable of not only manufacturing moulds, but also to provide all the necessary support to our clients so that their production could be as economic and productive as possible. With clients just beginning with packaging injection, we also offer know-how expertise.

We offer moulds for all types of packaging as well as multi-nest moulds.

Technical components


Due to cutting edge equipment and technology, we are capable of responding to the most complex demands regarding the most complicated moulds in different industries such as the automotive and electric fields. Since we have collaboration with some of the largest world companies in various industries, we are obligated to operate according to the prescribed global standards for which we duly certified.

We are capable to realize everything necessary for the production of a single plastic component at our company: from the client’s idea or existing sample, construction, mould manufacturing and testing at our company to obtaining final components.



Our blow moulds are convenient from the very beginning to work as efficiently as possible for producers of blown packaging. Each mould is custom made without any compromise when it comes to quality and guarantees production without delays or other issues.

Our extensive experience in this field allows us to consult and assist both big producers of blown packaging as well as those initiating production. We are at your convenience upon selection of equipment and other issues regarding optimization of the production.

Other moulds


Inmold Plast constructs and manufactures moulds for special purposes-both for plastic and non-ferrous metal injection, stamping, punching, casting, forging etc. We are constantly implementing and discovering new work methods and technologies with the objective of productive and economic production. Each mould leaving our tool-shop incorporates a combination of know-how, experience and creativity.