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Pupils and students

We are glad that you are interested in Inmold Plast. Whether you are at elementary school, high school or at university, there is a place for you at Inmold Plast.

Elementary school:

Enrolling in high school is one of the most important decisions in your life, because this decision greatly shapes your future.

n 2011 our company started the project of granting scholarships tohigh school students. In order to become ascholarship recipientof Inmold Plast yourself, you should enroll in one of the following courses:

  • Computer Aided Design Technician

  • Mechatronics

If you are motivated and you want to acquire very useful skills and knowledge, you are in the right place, because we offer much more than education itself.

What we also offer is employment after graduation from high school, with big chances for a successful career. But we also offer various kinds of help if you want to continue your education – financial help, expert help during entranceexam preparation, as well as organizing various courses.

If you are interested in technology, design, production, robotics, then YOU may be the right person for our team! Take your chance to start building a successful future right now!

For all information, visit our FB page or contact our main mentor Tomislav Miletić.

Undergraduate and master studies

You study one of technical faculties and you want to combine what you learn with practice? Or you think that some of the processes or products of our company can help you in writing your thesis? We will be pleased to help and support you. Feel free to send a request and other necessary documents to Tomislav Miletić: tomislav.miletic@inmold-ltd.com

Summer jobs and practical education

You want to acquire certain practical knowledgeas an addition to high school or faculty? You want to earn pocket money? Then we can offer you practical education or a summer job in the following fields:

  • Marketing

  • Production

  • Purchasing / Procurement

  • Finances


Name and surname: Tomislav Miletic
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
Email: tomislav.miletic@inmold-ltd.com
Mobile: +381608844321